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About Our Team

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Our team at Plantar Fasciitis Relief are a group of local professionals who have dedicated their career to studying the common foot pain condition known as Plantar Fasciitis. For many years we have been practicing what we have learnt throughout our education on this area and we continue to gain a deeper understanding with every client we treat. We are proud to be able to service our local community with such a common condition that affects so many people. Providing a personalized and professional service to our clients is what we strive to achieve as we understand the pain that is associated with the condition and the impact it can have on the daily lives of our clients.

We have helped hundreds of clients find relief from Plantar Fasciitis and in return they have helped us build out reputation as the experts within our community. Our business has grown rapidly thanks to our clients sharing their experience with our team with their friends and family. We get a great sense of pride when a new client comes through and tells us how much we have helped their friend or relative and they are looking for the same relief. With the range of treatments available, we have a number of team members skilled in different areas such as massage, physical therapy and manipulative therapy and are always sure to assess our clients to advise them of which treatment option we think is best suited to them.

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