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How Chiropractors Can Fix Plantar Fasciitis

Chiropractors helping with Plantar Fasciitis

One of the causes of Plantar Fasciitis is the build-up of stress and pressure within your foot. Chiropractors are well known for their skillful ability to remove pressure within joints, which provides significant relief for a number of our patients. Our team at Plantar Fasciitis Relief will provide our clients with a professional assessment as well as screening to get a better understanding of what is happening underneath the skin. From there we are able to provide manipulation therapy to help release the places that are holding this tension and provide ongoing monitoring to keep an eye on the progress.

Professional Assessment

When we have a new client come through the door with symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, we first provide a throughout professional assessment to get an understanding of the severity of the issue. Once we have a clear understanding we are able to offer advice on suitable treatment methods specific to the symptoms the clients are experiencing and our knowledge of the condition. Not all clients will be benefited by chiropractic therapy, but many of our clients will be, which is why we always provide a professional assessment for each new client.

Screening Requirements

Once we have an understanding of the severity of the condition within a client and think that chiropractic therapy will help, we first send them off for screening. This will help us to understand if there are any other issues or conditions going on underneath the skin that are not visible to us. This is a part of our due diligence to ensure our clients safety and that we don’t have the potential to cause damage to any other issue that may be contained within the foot of our client.

Manipulation Therapy

So the professional assessment and screening have been completed and it has been agreed that chiropractic manipulation is the correct method of therapy for a client. Typically the first few sessions are focused on loosening up the joints within the foot and may not be able to have the typical ‘crack’ you expect from a chiropractor. This is normal as the joints in your foot are obviously exceptionally stiff to be causing you this pain. We need to work the joints over time to a point where we are able to provide the release to the joints, which we will always ensure we do safely.

Ongoing Monitoring

Manipulation therapy may provide many people with immediate relief, however as we get back to our daily walking habits the symptoms are likely to occur again. With ongoing treatment we are able to retrain the joints within your foot to not revert back to the stiff position they are familiar with and become more relaxed. After the initial treatment we will get a good understanding of how the joints are reacting and provide a recommended treatment program for your foot. It is important to remember that this treatment is to retrain the joints, so it is important professional advice is followed.

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